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Elementary years

Grade I to V are structured around self-contained smart classrooms meeting international standards and providing congenial atmosphere for learning wherein students are trained in Hindi, English, Math, Social Studies, Science and extra-Curricular activities like Drama, Music, P.E, Computer, Art, Craft and Library skills by trained subject teachers.

Mathematics : The programme in Mathematics addresses the basic understanding of computational skills, basic algebraic concepts (mental games), understanding of bars, graphs charts & the ability to solve problems in the areas of measurement, money, temperature & time. It also aims at developing knowledge of geometry and lays a lot of stress on mental math.

Science : This programme stresses the development of thinking skills that helps them to become problem solvers and decision makers. Research & analytical skills such as collecting, understanding, interpreting, applying and evaluating are employed in the scientific approach. The elementary programme comprises of Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Human Body Science. For the teaching of science, we aim to offer superior infrastructural facilities promoting activities for children essential to compete in this age of IT, Space, Biotechnology, etc.

Hindi : Here students build on spoken and written language to enable them to develop bilingual skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Through the development of these skills students acquire complete appreciation of Indian culture and history as well.

Social Studies : The Social Studies course is multi-disciplinary in approach and uses themes that appeal to children. Here the Units of work are rigorous and activities are highly focused. Through these activities children are engaged in exciting projects and achieve appropriate learning targets developing an International Perspective. Opportunities abound for individual, small group and large group work, for individual research and collaborative decision – making.

In addition, these grades attend one hour a week of compulsory music, drama, gymnastics, dance, art, crafts and athletics (P.E.) to give them exposure and also be able to tap their talents early in life.





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