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Home Work



Homework is given for the following purpose:


  • To help children revisit classroom concepts and practice the same independently
  • To lay a foundation for future learning
  • To help student practice the skill in a different setting
Parent’s Role


  1. Set aside time to do homework
  2. Help the child follow a routine
  3. Minimize distractions during child’s study time
  4. Ensure access to and provision of resources and supplies needed to do
    school work
  5. Provide guidance if needed
  6. Encourage the child to attempt, irrespective of the answers being correct
    or incorrect
  7. Motivate but do not bribe children for studying
  8. Be practical and realistic: On a day if there is too much homework or there
    is a genuine exigency due to which the child is unable to do homework,
    write a note to the teacher in the child’s almanac seeking extra time and
    explaining the reason
  9. Computer Caution: Most children these days are techno- savvy and have
    access to a computer right from a very young age. While this is opening a
    new world of learning to children; it is important that parents do not
    provide unlimited or unmonitored access to this tool which has way of
    turning into a deadly weapon very unwittingly

Children claim access to computers in the name of researching for school projects but soon are switching in and out of social networking sites and a whole lot of other distractions (games, sites etc.) and end up not just wasting a lot of their precious time but affect their body and mind as well. Parents must therefore be watchful when they give access to computers and not allow unlimited Internet access that might trigger trouble.

To help you best monitor a written note will be sent, whenever we want children to do research work on the net.

As parents we keep cribbing about our work, whether it is office work or household chores. Children imbibe that attitude towards their work too.






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