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Our Core Values


1. Love is our foundation:


Education means being able to “Love”: it is the ultimate goal of human existence and all human growth and evolution. We strongly believe that ultimate goal of all education is to be able to create a loving world through loving individuals- individuals who can love themselves and learn to “love thy neighbour as thyself”. Therefore, all that we do, think and say must be rooted in sincere and genuine love for humanity.

2. Innovation is our spirit:


All progress is innovation- to think out of the box, to think of possibilities, to chase imagination, to encourage the ability to take risks and the spirit of adventure are valued very highly at Avalon. It is the key to making the whole exercise of education interesting, inventive and inspiring.


3. Excellence is our habit:


Excellence is not occasional or seasonal: it is a way of life. We believe every stakeholder of the educational process must pursue excellence. “It’s enough”, “it´s okay”, “it´s not bad”, “decent attempt” are not the phrases that promote excellence. “Can´t get better!”, “Wow!”, “this is brilliant” and “amazing” are the phrases that must frequently echo in our corridors and classrooms.


4. Positivism is our culture:

The world is not perfect and never will be. What is needed is to have an attitude to see beyond little imperfections. It is not adversity but one´s attitude to adversity that makes all the difference. Staying positive, hopeful and happy is the essential for all stakeholders in a school, especially teachers and parents as they are the role models to children. Imparting an attitude of gratitude, appreciations and positive thinking is the best gift of true education.


5. Happiness is our attitude:


A smile and cheerful disposition are mandatory for anyone who deals with human beings, especially the children. Children must be happy in school, happy as they learn in the classrooms. Teachers must be happy doing their job. If a stakeholder is not happy, it is a sure sign that one needs help. We value everyone´s happiness and thus make efforts to create an emotional climate of joy and cheer.






Avalon Heights International School
Plot no 7 ,
Sector 19 B,
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