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Avalon Heights International School aims at creating a dynamic & interactive learning environment where lasting love for learning outside the school curriculum is cultivated. At Avalon Heights International School, we promote a practice approach making a visible connection between learning and life. Children are encouraged, much beyond the age old mind-numbing education pattern to discover their inner self and education in a fairly practical environment. At Avalon Heights International School it is our endeavor to provide the children with an ideal environment, which paves way to an all around development of personality.

Avalon Heights International School also adequately emphasizes on values by preparing children to not just make a living but a life wherever the go. This is accomplished through unique and extensively researched curriculum that focuses on providing children an “Education Beyond Books.”

The cornerstone of Avalon Heights International School program is academics excellence beyond books. This strength that sets Avalon Heights International School apart is the methodology and the way of imparting lessons to the students where care is taken, not only about what children are learning but also as to how they feel in the classroom. At Avalon Heights International School, we believe that every child is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled and we help them bring out their best.