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Reinventing parenting

Children can’t be addicted to gadgets without your support.
“My child is on phone the whole day, I am so worried !!”, “He doesn’t eat without the phone, what to do??”
The most common and frequent complain that parents have is about their children’s addiction to gaming or gadgets. The endless fruitless battles trying to push children away from their machines and take a look at mankind or do something more meaningful often end in defeat and frustration.
Let us reflect on how it all began…
How did the children get that gadget they have in their hands ?
Could they have gained the gadget without your help ?
Well , We gifted them this tool to make our/theirs life simple, not realising the effects. It’s like handing over a gun to your child and telling him/her to use it carefully. Only If it was so easy!!
Children’s addiction is also an outcome of unmonitored times when children are left unsupervised with technology.
Additionally , before we ask children to exercise self restraint with technology, we need to exhibit what self control and self restraint looks like. Do we show them how we defer or delay gratification ? Do we observe technology free time at home ? Not look at phones or TV during meals , not peep into phones post a certain time in the evening etc. Creating a culture of restraint is essential to encourage children to emulate the same in their lives too!
Creating a confident family culture where you demonstrate that you uphold personal values irrespective of social pressures or peer pressures is also critical in building your child’s confidence and character to not succumb to peer pressure or social trends!!
The irony with gadget addiction is that it’s easy to control it’s origins but not it’s end !!
Keep it simple!
Keep them phone free, stress free, addiction free till they become self sufficient to handle it.

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