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Mrs. Simi Sharma

Dear Parents,

In the Indian situation the ignorant are actually the blessed but the seekers are frustrated as for anyone who has a certain idea of education, there is hardly any option.


It is with this realization that the New Path Education trust set out on its mission to break the age old monotony of rote learning and providing students with a joyful learning environment, where the pupil is more important than the portion, learning more important than teaching and thinking more important than memorizing. With its initial plunge into the field of early childhood education, the management met its mission successfully as an innovative playschool in the name of Blooming buds. Setting High Standards, this playschool became a benchmark in no time and has not only been serving young children in the age group of 2-3 years since 1998 but has also maintained its warmth, quality and creativity. With the support and encouragement of conscious parents who demanded an extension of its compassionate & creative teaching environment to the higher grades, Avalon Heights International School made its humble beginning in 2000.

With the motto Aspire, Attempt and Achieve, the school believes in the power of dreams, the power of imagination. As Knowledge takes one to what one already knows, imagination leads one to the discovery of unknown, things we are yet to create. Striving towards the delivery of skills rather than a curriculum we strongly believe in the immense potential of young children that largely remains untapped due to the rigid rigmarole of education system. Children therefore are given wide exposure and are allowed to make mistakes and explore independently without the readymade guidelines and do’s and don’ts of teachers. Teachers at Avalon Heights International School are trained to act as facilitators guiding and leading the children to let them discover facts for themselves. We are a school lay great emphasis on teaching education, training and monitoring programs and work hard towards creating a team of dedicated, committed professionals who are warm, affectionate, aware and informed human beings.

I am quite sure that Avalon Heights International School will continue its work with the same commitment, sincerity and genuinity and will surely be sending out achievers in various fields into the world outside.

Thank You,
Simi Sharma