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Tuitions is traditionally a word associated with academic training imparted in school, but today, strangely and ironically, the term is identified with external help for the child by agencies other than school. In some cases and on some occasions, a short term one to one guidance could be highly beneficial for a deserving student, however It turns into a severe handicap for the academic growth of students particularly when one indulges in the same simply out of panic or peer pressure. For many a parent unable to provide personal guidance or time, finding a tutor for the child seems to be a shortcut or a highway to fulfilling their parental duty and getting rid of the guilt.
At Avalon, we only appoint teachers who promise not to indulge in any private or personal coaching to students.
This is done in order to safeguard student’s interest and ensure teacher’s accountability to classroom learning. In many Indian schools, it is customary for the teachers to teach marginally in the classroom and then encourage students to come for after school personal coaching to add on to personal income and fame. It is important that parents support the school in its bold attempt to curb this malpractice.

To provide for the students who fail to learn in large group setting or have difficulties moving at the pace of the group, school organizes extra support programme after school at no additional cost by the same or another teacher.

When a private tuition might be helpful?

  • If parents are totally helpless with academics and the child is having difficulty picking up concepts in school
  • If child is in higher grades and needs expert coaching for individual clarification of weak concepts for a short duration
  • If child has special needs
  • If child requires an extrinsic force to make him/her study

But in each of these situations the tutor’s role needs to be specified and clearly defined as no two situations are same and giving a standard dose of tuitions could be contributing largely to your child’s failure.


How it can damage more than help:

  • Eating up on Self-study time: after a long school day if the children have long hours of tuition (couple of hours or more every day). They are practically not left with any time to study on their own which is a must to be able to digest and absorb what their coaches in school or tuition have been trying to teach them. Many a school failures over the last few years when analysed have been due to over scheduled children who have no time to study due to tuitions
  • Large group interaction: a miniature replica of school: In case children are sent to a tutor who coaches 8- 10 kids at the same time, the benefit of personalized or individualized coaching is killed and the child is almost moving from a large school set up to a small school set up and is again lost in the crowd and fails to receive the benefit of his time and energy spent.
  • Working on content rather than on skills needed to handle content: tutors who try to teach the lesson or make the child mug up answers or provide readymade answers , or help them do their homework are extremely counterproductive and rather anti school learning or learning in any form. Parents must ensure that the tutor helps to build child’s skills rather than solve their problems for them. For example: teach them how to frame an answer rather than dictating the answer and helping them by heart it.
  • Rather than solving problems, adding up problems for the child. : There are tutors who further burden the child with what is called tuition homework. It must be seen that what they are planning is in tune with school work and child’s immediate academic goals.


Pragmatic private coaching:

  • A sensible private coaching would be
  • Short term
  • Individual or pair, not large groups
  • Not more than twice or at the most thrice a week
  • Tutor in tandem with the school teacher and the curriculum guidelines
  • Focused on enhancing students’ skill rather than the content.






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