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Vision & Mission


“There are certain things that are fundamental to human fulfilment;” says Stephen R. Covey, “the essence of these needs is captured in the phrase ‘to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy’. Avalon´s vision is adapted from this path-breaking thought.”

Learn To Live:

Learning to live is perhaps the most difficult of ideals. As humans, we have the distinct advantage of being able to actualize ourselves fully. At Avalon, we equip children to build key competencies that help them solve problems and improve their analytical and interpersonal skills. More importantly, we lay greater emphasis on learning to embrace feelings, imperfections, and the needs of oneself and others to help them Learn to Live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Learn To Love:

Man is born the embodiment of love. While every child is born with the innate capacity to love unconditionally, we start unlearning this as we grow. At Avalon we live, breathe, and demonstrate love in every moment and every way to help children learn from what they see, experience, and share. In an age where everyone is busy chasing greatness and fame, we strongly instill the need to Learn to Love and make a difference.

Learn To Learn:

It is never what is poured into a learner, but what is planted that matters. At Avalon, we painstakingly sow seeds and nurture lifelong learners by helping them explore, experiment, and experience authentic learning. We rely heavily on class communities and student agencies that leverage collaboration and peer learning to its fullest. By teaching children to Learn to Learn, we ensure our children go far beyond their classrooms in academic, intellectual, and spiritual pursuits.

Learn To leave a legacy:

The legacy you leave behind is not found in coiffeurs, edifices or statues. It comes from the hearts you have touched, the stories that are shared, and the lives interwoven with yours. The legacy we encourage at Avalon is one of selflessness, service, honesty, and grace. Beyond being merely productive, we inspire children to Learn to Leave a Legacy that enriches and leaves the world changed, one individual at a time.

Our Mission:

1. To cultivate love for learning

2. To provide students with a global outlook yet rooted in the Indian culture

3. To create worthy citizens with a sound character





Avalon Heights International School
Plot no 7 ,
Sector 19 B,
Navi Mumbai 400 703

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