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Vision & Mission

“There are certain things that are fundamental to human fulfilment;” says Stephen R. Covey, “the essence of these needs is captured in the phrase ‘to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy’. Avalon´s vision is adapted from this path-breaking thought.”

Learn To Live:

Avalon seeks to inculcate life key skills in our students. Life skills include psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Life skills are both “thinking skills”; and “social skills”. Another very important life skill we try to inculcate is self-management, which includes managing/coping with feelings, emotions, stress and resisting peer and family pressure.

Learn To Love:

Love is the catalyst for change, development and achievement. The world knows God as the eternal source of love- He is the Ocean of Love. We believe that our students would be transformed in becoming a part of this Ocean, and in being that one tiny drop would acquire all the values of that great Ocean. Educating the heart, becoming human, developing a keen Emotional Quotient, learning to feel empathy for others ¨ these are all part “Learning to Love”. In a world increasingly rent by a paucity of values, we like to teach our students ‘old-fashioned’ values and attitudes such as honesty, concern, discipline, acceptance, sharing, respect and compassion.

Learn To Learn:

At Avalon the key to good teaching is to equip the student to learn by himself/ herself. When children relate what they learn to their own experiences, when children discover and uncover the secrets of knowledge themselves, when they learn by doing and, by working with their hands, by being told using the language of imagination- that learning becomes meaningful, permanent and delightful. Knowledge, understanding and academic skills should acquire by intense student involvement and engagement, by harnessing the power of the class community. In short Avalon aims to awaken and educate capacities that lie dormant within the students and then engage the full range of their capabilities.

Learn To leave a legacy:

Avalon believes that the purpose of life is not just be happy but be productive, useful and enrich the world by giving back to the world something of the blessings that one has received. Gandhi once while laboriously serving the people of a remote village was asked why he was doing it. “Are you doing it for humanitarian reasons?” he was asked. “Not at all,” Gandhi answered, “I am here to serve no one else than myself, to find my own self-realization through the service of these village folk.” In serving ourselves alone, one does not make a mark. In leaving something behind for others to use, to enjoy, we leave a legacy. And the need to leave a legacy is our spiritual need to have a sense of meaning, purpose, personal congruence, and contribution

Our Mission:

1. To cultivate love for learning

2. To provide students with a global outlook yet rooted in the Indian culture

3. To create worthy citizens with a sound character