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The Science Quiz 2020-21 Eureka

“Even though you know a million things, there’s still a long way to go”.

The above saying was justified in the yearly Science Quiz event, termed as Eureka held on, Saturday, 16th January. Eureka aims to inculcate in the minds of young students, a spirit of scientific enquiry, analytical thinking and provides a platform to the budding scientists to exchange thoughts.

The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation & participation. Four finalists from each section of a grade were chosen as finalists for the event, after they cleared the Eureka Prelims which was open to all the children.

The children were brimming with zeal and confidence for the event. Apart from the usual rounds of direct questions, Audio-Video etc., teachers had some new and interesting rounds up their sleeve. Dingbats, Carpe-Dictum, Virtual tour, 50 -50, Double -Trouble, were some of them which not only helped to bring about team spirit it also turned the table for the leading team in some of the grades. Each team exuberated confidence as they answered the questions posed to them. The varied types of questions asked triggered the curious minds and made it a fun and learning experience for all. It saw excitement and disappointment, taught children to learn to adhere to rules and the most important thing – they learnt the meaning of team spirit and teambuilding and to accept both victory and defeat!

It made them realise that-

Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it away!

Tiny Graduates with Huge spirits

The Sr. kg. Graduation day was really heartwarming and emotional. Although it was virtual, our children as well as parents did their best to keep the feel as real as possible. They’ve definitely left a legacy of being the first ever Senior Kindergarten batch to be graduating online!

We all beamed with pride at achievements of our children, especially in the year which has been anything but easy. We missed a lot of spontaneity that these children bring and had to partner with parents only to surprise them but every bit done was still worth the effort. Teachers had to settle with flying kisses and requested parents again to double the dose of hugs to compensate on their behalf. Children made speeches and left some of the adults teary eyed and some gleaming with joy. It was indeed a special day and will be etched in all our minds for times to come.

Proud of you class of 2020 -21!!





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